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Boris Romanov
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Writer, scripwriter
Boris Romanov was born November 24, 1945 in Saint Petersburg (Leningrad). In 1968 he graduated from Electrotechnical Institute as engineer, in 1980 he has defended PhD in radio-technique. Until 1994 he worked in the research institute of development of radio equipment. Since 1993 to present time he is a professional writer, the author of about 10 books and of tens of newspaper and journal articles on the history of Russia and early Christianity.

Selected references (books, in Russian):
«Soft influence of remote stars», 1990; «Occult Bulgakov», 1993; «Zoroastrianism and Christianity», 1995; "Astro-Biblos", 1997; «Russian magicians, seers, prophets», 1998; «Tragedy of princess Diana and prophecy of Nostradamus», 1998; «The Story about Apostles, Pontius Pilate and Simon magician», 1999; «The fatal predictions of Russia» («OLMA Media Groups» and "Neva", Saint Petersburg, Moscow, 320 pages, 2000 copies), 2006. The first part of the book «Fatal predictions of Russia» is a literary basis of the script.

The common circulation (the number of copies) of the published books is more than 35000. He is also the author of magazines «Science and religion», «Miracles and adventures», “Synopsis” and some newspapers.
Synopsis «Emperor who knew the destiny» has been published in Russian magazine "Synopsis" (¹9, 2006).
In 2008 Romanov has signed the author's contract with SPb Studio of documentary films on creation of a documentary film «Emperor who knew the Fate».
The basic employment since 1993 and on present time - a writer, a scriptwriter.

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