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Zhanna Romanova
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Zhanna Romanova is one of the leading studio’s filmmakers and now is also the editor-in-chief. In1973 she graduated Institute of Culture (Saint-Petersburg). Since 1973 until 1976 she studied at the highest courses for the film directors in Moscow (the work-shop of L. Kristi). There are more than 30 Films and 20 Almanacs in her filmography.

2010 - "On the Great Volga" (35 mm, 30 min.)
Special prize in honor of Viktor Astafiev at IFF "Massage to man", Saint-Petersburg, 2010
Special regional newspaper prize "For love to Russia" at FF "Saratovskie stradaniya", Saratov, Russia, 2010
Competition program of IFF "Flaertiana", Perm, Russia, 2010

2007 –
“Russian idea". Renaissance.”
Participation at IFF "Okno v Evropu", Vyborg, Russia, 2008
Participation at IFF "Russian foreign", 2008
Informational screening at FF "Radonezh", 2008
Participation at IFF on human rights "Stalker", Moscow, 2008

2007 -
“Middle class business
2004 – “Noah”
Participation at IFF “Window to Europe”, Vyborg, Russia, 2004
Participation at IFF, Tehran, Iran
Participation at “Days of documentary films”, Kiev, Ukraine
Participation at IFF “Massage to men”, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2003 - “Sobchak”
2001 - “Anthology. Studios chronicles“
1999 - “Clerk, Minister, President”
Special Jury prize at Festival “Massage to Man”, St.Petersburg, Russia
1994 - “Fourchet, fourchet …”
1988 - “Corvus Corniks – in Latin means “crow”
Grand-prix “Golden Dragon” at IFF, Krakow, Poland
Special prize of jury at IFF, Leipzig, Germany
Awards at Festivals in Montekattine and Valladolid
1986 - “Meet in the Yard”
Award in Tbilisi
1985 - “Tell, please, I’ll hear“
1984 - “Do You like Bach? “
“Silver Dragon” at IFF, Krakow, Poland
1983 - “Behind Blue Forests”
Award at festival in Nechernozemie, Russia
1980 - “Venezianov and his School”
1980 - “Introduction”
1978 - “Vladimir Stozharov – Painter”
Prize “The best director” at the Festival in Kiev


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