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Nikolay Boronin
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Nikolay Boronin was born in Leningrad on the 4th of October 1933. Since 1958 he has been working at the St. Petersburg Documentary Film Studio, started as a sound-director, and then since 1967 as a film director. He has made more than 40 documentary films, among which 15 are full–length.

2002 - «The reminiscence»
2002 – «Reflection»
2000 - «Russia that is disappearing»
Diploma of the IFF “Message to Man” , St.Petersburg, 2000
1997 - «Mikhil Vrubel. Pages of live»
First Prize and Diploma of the IFF “Silver Century”, St. Petersburg, 1997
1994 - «Rudolf Nuriev as he is»
Prize of the Journalist Union, 1994
1990 - «Global Pressing»
Diploma of the IFF in Tour, France, 1990
1990 - «A Journey To Remember»
Grand-Prix in Mexico, 1985
1979 - «I am looking for a rival»
First Prize and a Diploma “For the best Documentary” at the USSR IFF in Ashkhabad, 1979
Prize and Diploma at the Yaroslavl competition, 1981
1975 - «Anatoy Karpov»
First Prize at the USSR wide Sport Films Festival, 1975
1972 - «A Crew»
First Award and Prize FIPRESS  Oberhausen IFF, 1972
First Prize at the Tbilisi IFF, 1972
First Prize at Gorky IFF, 1972
1969 - «Docker»
Prize of the IFF in Italy, 1969
1969 - «STEM»
Best camera award, 1969
1964 - «They were 39»
First Prize at IFF in Leningrad, 1964
1962 - «Damp smells of the river”
Golden medal at Leipzig IFF, 1962


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