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Svetlana Shimanyuk
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Was born in Gatchina, Leningrad oblast (Russia).

1995 – graduated from Baltiysky State Technical University. Arts Department.
1995-1997 – postgraduate course at the mentioned university.
1997- 2000 – studied at Arts University of Cinema and Television, screen arts faculty, I.Maslennikova’s workshop (film directing).

2007 – “Varvara’s Wedding”
Diploma for the best director’s work at the IV International Film Festival “Baltic debuts”, Kaliningrad, Russia, 2007

Diploma for the director’s work at the IX Russian Shukshin’s Film Festival, Russia, 2007

I International Film Festival by Andrey Tarkovskiy, Ivanovo, Russia, 2007

XXIX Moscow IFF – program “New Russian Cinema”, Moscow, Russia, 2007

IFF “Stars of Shaken”, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 2008
2003 - “Way” (35 mm, b/w, 3 parts, production: St.Petersburg Documentary Film Studio)
1998-1999“Short episode from other people’s life” (b/w, 16mm, 20 min, student work )
Prize for a script at “St.Petersburg Muses” Grants Competition, 1998
Participation in Solzevorot -IV festival, St.Petersburg


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