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Time capsule
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2010 35 mm, 29 min, 16\9, Mono, English subtitles

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Director: Anna Dranitsyna

Written and directed by Anna Dranitsyna
Director of Photography - Yuri Gautsel
Edited and computer graphic - Yuri Gautsel
Sound by Dmitry Vasiliev
Music by Andrey Surotdinov
Administrator - Katerina Krutova
Producer - Alex Telnov


Can we send to the future the smells that we can feel, the music that we can hear ..?

How can we render the beat of the PAST? In the village where I spent my summer holidays there was a real capsule buried under the House of Culture.

It drove me mad. For me it was " a window into the future", the Time Machine.

Eating in the USSR

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