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When I win a million…
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Director: Anna Dranitsyna

Screenplay by Anna Dranitsina
Director of photography – Yuriy Gautsel
Music by Andrey Surotdinov
Film editing – Yuriy Matveev
Sound by Aleksandr Dudarev
Production manager – Alla Khristoforova
Producer – Aleksey Telnov
Dimon, the character of the film, finds out that "a Russian Las-Vegas" is going to be opened in Altai soon and decides to start up his own business. He buys a slot machine and brings it to Altai region. On his way he stops by in villages and tries to make the locals get used to gambling. The villagers tell what they would do if they won a million.

Eating in the USSR

Director: Boris Karadzhev

A unique socio-cultural phenomenon of the history and life of the Soviet Union

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