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Children of the corn
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2004 video, color, 20 min, English subtitles

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Director: Mikhail Zheleznikov

Screenplay – Mikhail Zheleznikov
Director of photography – Dmitriy Frolov
Sound-engineer – Valiriy Petriashvili
Film editor – Mikhail Zheleznikov
Production manager – Vyacheslav Kharkov
Editor in chief – Zhanna Romanova
Producer – Vyacheslav Telnov
History of the “corn campaign” realized by Khrushev in the 50s is represented in the style of the Soviet propaganda films. The author of the film with great irony tells about main stages of that campaign. As a result – for a long time USSR has been exported even bread. The film is composed from chronicles of the 1950-1990s. When the pensioner who devoted 25 years of his life to growing of the frost-resistant maize succeeded, the USSR did not exist any more.

Eating in the USSR

Director: Boris Karadzhev

A unique socio-cultural phenomenon of the history and life of the Soviet Union

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