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Swaddling clothes
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2006 color, video, 26 min

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Director: Maksim Yakubson

Screenplay – Maksim Yakubson
Director of photography – Georgiy Porotov
Music by Konstantin Bekrev (“Mir Ognya”), A. Marchello (arrangement by Sergey Teplyakov), song by Ernst Bush
Verses by Arseniy Tarkovskiy, Yunna Moritz, Maria Teplyakova, Konstantin Bekrev, Maksim Yakubson
Sound-engineer – Leonid Lerner
Film editor – Dmitriy Antonov
Production manager – Valentina Ustinova
Editor in chief – Zhanna Romanova
Producer – Vyacheslav Telnov
The film tells about child birth and beginning of a new life. Each of heroes proves love and creativity in their own way in spite of dearth and collapse.

Eating in the USSR

Director: Boris Karadzhev

A unique socio-cultural phenomenon of the history and life of the Soviet Union

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