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Bitch academy (aka: Vixen academy: how to be a bitch)
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2007 35 mm, color, 31 min, English and French subtitles

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Director: Alina Rudnitskaya

Screenplay – Alina Rudnitskaya
Director of photography – Sergey Maksimov
Music by Andrey Orlov
Sound – Ivan Gusakov, Aleksey Antonov
Film editor – Aleksandr Morev
Production manager – Anna Babenko
Editor – Zhanna Romanova
Producer - Vyacheslav Telnov

There was a time when the word “a bitch” perceived as a negative. But today it has become a bestseller. A bitch has become a a kind of an ideal to a modern woman, a real hero of our days.
            Most of the women older then 15 seek to be a bitch. Who is a vixen, modern bitch? How to become a successful women? What does it mean to be a woman? What is “women’s nature” and “women’s spirit”? Is it possible for a women to be realized, successful but don’t cross the generally accepted ethic borders? Vixen is not a hysterical woman and capricious fool or envious snake. Vixen is a Woman that follows her own desires but not someone’s advises, she relies only herself, clearly understand what she wants to get from life and men, she doesn’t follow the stereotypes, knows the whole men’s “weak” points: self-supporting and has inner Freedom.
            The main shooting technique is a method of observation. By time the camera didn’t attract hero’s attention and they behaved in a natural way. This film pretends to be called “the best documentary comedy” about women.

Festivals and awards:

IFF Oberhausen, Germany

IFF Madrid Documenta, Spain

IFF " Independent Shorts ", Vein, Austria

IFF " Stars of Shaken ", Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan

IFF Villa De Conde, Portugal

"Open cinema" Saint-Petersburg, Russia

"Okno v Europu", Vyborg, Russia

 RFAF international festival of Anthropological Films, Salekhard, Russia

 "Rossya" IFF, Yekaterinburg, Russia

52 London BFI IFF - Alina Rudnitskaya film programme

Prix europa IFF, Berlin, Germany

IFF "in Drama", Greece

Exground IFF, Germany - Alina Rudnitskaya film programme

Saratovskie stradania IFF, Saratov, Russia

No-budget film festival "Suburbia", Roma, Italy

Kassel IFF, Germany

Neubrandenburg IFF, Germany

IDFA, Amsterdam

Winterthur IFF, Switzerland - Alina Rudnitskaya film programme

IFF Cork, Denmark.

KIN, Erevan, Armenia


IFF "Russia, have a smile", Moscow, Russia

Bamberger IFF, Germany

Tromso IFF, Norway


In total: participation in more than 55 international film festivals, 6 awards.


Awards  diplomas for participation

Saratovskie stradania IFF,  Saratov, Russia - SPECIAL PRIZE FROM CITY SPONSOR!

Mediawave IFF, Gyor, Hungary - prize for the best documentary film of the category!

Principal Prize “For its poignant reflections on the reconstruction of femininity in post-communist Russia” at Oberhausen IFF, Germany
Prize from TV channel “24dok” at IFF Kinoteatr.doc, Moscow, Russia

„Golden Shorts“ at Vienna Independent Shorts International Film Festival, Austria

The best short documentary at IFF “Stars of Shaken”, Almaty, Kazakhstan
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